Two models of multipurpose centrifuges were compared, from two major suppliers. The centrifuge needed to be refrigerated, to have high tube capacity, to spin microplates (shallowell and deepwell), 1.5 ml tubes, and 50 ml tubes.

Eppendorf 5810R (VWR) ST 40R Refrigerated 120V 60H
Refrigirated temperature minus 9°C to + 40°C minus 10° to +40°C
Max rpm (g) fixed angle rotor 14000 (20 800 X g) 15200 (25 314 X g); with 48×2 ml rotor
Max rpm (g) swing bucket rotor 5000 (4500 X g) 5250 (5084 X g); 5300 (5590 X g) with BIOShield 1000A rotor
Max rpm (g) plate rotor (3486 X g) 4700 (3828 X g) avec TX-750 High Versatility Swinging Bucket Rotor et Carriers for Microplates
Rotor for 1,5 ml tubes in Fixed angle rotor 30 tubes in fixed rotor 48 tubes in fixed rotor
Rotor for 1,5 ml tubes in swing bucket rotor 60 in drum rotor (cat # 022638505) with max 16400g; 96 swing bucket rotor max 4500g 224 with BIOShield 1000A High Speed Swinging Bucket Rotor; or TX-750 High Versatility Swinging Bucket Rotor
Rotor for 15 ml tubes 48 to 64 tubes depending on tube diameter See brochure
Rotors for 50 ml tubes 28 x 50 ml conical tubes possible with 500 ml swing bucket rotor A-4-81 See brochure
Rotors for 100 ml tubes See brochure Fiberlite™ F15-6×100 general purpose pelleting of organelles 18516 x g.
Swinging Bucket Rotor See brochure from 2 ml to 180 ml depending on adaptor (lid O-ring and adaptor sold separately)
Rotor swing bucket for microplate 16 plates 16 plates TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor + Carriers for Microplates
Rotor swing bucket for deep well plates 4 plates 4 plates TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor + Carriers for Microplates
Other rotors 11 rotors for 0.2 ml to 500 mL tubes and microplates See brochure
Saved program 35 programs 6 programs
Timer 30 sec to 99 min and hold (infinite) up to 9 hours 999 min or hold (infinite)
Control System Microprocessor Microprocessor
Refrigiration systeme CFC-free refrigerant (R134a) CFC-free
Compressor Patented dynamic compressor control Unknown
PreCooling FastTemp for pre-cooling in 15 minutes yes
Acceleration time variable depending on rotor and rotor load Unknown
Acceleration rates Choice of 10 acceleration Choice of 9 acceleration
Braking time and rates Choice of 10 deceleration; adjustable braking; at max force: 14 sec (rotor A-4-44) Choice of 10 deceleration rates
Power Supply 120 V 50-60 Hz OR 230 V 60-60 Hz “120 V 60Hz (1400 W) OR 230 V 50/60Hz (1950 W)”
Max Power Consumption 1650 W 1400 W
Max Heat Output 4433 BTU/h (1118 kcal/h) 4776 BTU/h
Dimensions (lid open?) 54 cm D x 70 cm W x 80 cm H 67 cm D x 74.5 cm W x 90 cm H open
Noise 56 to 59 dB <57dB on refrigerated model; < 61 dB (A)
Weight 99 kg 116 kg
Chamber 304 equivalent StainLess Unknown
Chamber drain Built-in condensation drain no drain
Chamber Access (for cleaning) easy easy
Imbalance detection Automatic SMARTspin imbalance detection system
Sealing cover Unknown Polyetherimide (PEI) sealing covers with high chemical resistance and excellent thermal properties
Lid Motorized latch with optional automatic opening Motorized latch with optional automatic opening
Warranty 5 years (only in 2011) One year parts and labor
Motor Direct drive brushless motor Direct brushless induction low-profile motor
Biocontainment Biocontainment certification by CAMR* Biocontainment certification by CAMR*
Certification UL C-UL IvD and CE marked CSA, Certified Biosafety, CE marked, UL listed