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 +====== Installing MySQL ====== 
 +  * Visit the [[http://​www.mysql.com/​downloads/​mysql/​|Download section of the MySQL website]] and download the version of MySQL Community Server appropriate for your platform (Windows users: choose the 32 bit version!). Note that you DO NOT have to register. Simply click on "No thanks, just take me to the downloads!"​ at the bottom.  
 +  * Follow the installation instructions. Use the Typical Setup Type.  
 +  * If a Window appears to register for a MySQL Entreprise support, **close the window**.  
 +  * Choose to proceed to create and configure a MySQL instance. Select the standard configuration type.  
 +  * On Windows, choose to install MySQL as a Windows service. Also choose a password for the root user (administrator). **WRITE DOWN THIS PASSWORD!!** 
 +  * Download [[http://​www.libreoffice.org/​download/​|LibreOffice 3.6]] for your platform and follow the installation instructions. Choose the Typical installation option.  
 +  * On Windows: Install the [[http://​dev.mysql.com/​downloads/​connector/​odbc/​|32 bit version of the MySQL ODBC connector]].