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 [[http://​prezi.com/​vswzpe89tbwp/​introduction-to-database-management-with-mysql/​|Link to Prezi presentation]] [[http://​prezi.com/​vswzpe89tbwp/​introduction-to-database-management-with-mysql/​|Link to Prezi presentation]]
-===== Ressources utiles ​=====+===== Useful resources ​=====
   * [[http://​dev.mysql.com/​doc/​refman/​5.5/​en/​|MySQL 5.5. Reference Manual]]   * [[http://​dev.mysql.com/​doc/​refman/​5.5/​en/​|MySQL 5.5. Reference Manual]]
-  ​* [[http://​dev.mysql.com/​doc/​refman/​5.0/​fr/​index.html| Manuel d'​utilisation de MySQL 5.0 en français]] +  * [[http://​www.artfulsoftware.com/​infotree/​queries.php|Common MySQL Queries]] - Very useful website with hundreds of example ​MySQL commands.  
-  ​* [[http://​www.artfulsoftware.com/​infotree/​queries.php|Common MySQL Queries]] - Site web très utile avec des centaines d'​exemples de commandes ​MySQL.  +  * [[http://​www.springerlink.com/​content/​978-1-85233-716-2/​|Database Design Manual: using MySQL for Windows]] - This book can be downloaded for free from most universities
-  * [[http://​www.springerlink.com/​content/​978-1-85233-716-2/​|Database Design Manual: using MySQL for Windows]] - Ce livre peut-être téléchargé gratuitement en PDF à partir de la majorité des universités+
 ====== Installing MySQL ====== ====== Installing MySQL ======