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 [[sara.garcia@iaf.inrs.ca|Sara Correa Garcia, INRS]]\\ ​ [[sara.garcia@iaf.inrs.ca|Sara Correa Garcia, INRS]]\\ ​
 [[Anne.DeLaPorte@iaf.inrs.ca|Anne de la Porte, INRS]]\\ ​ [[Anne.DeLaPorte@iaf.inrs.ca|Anne de la Porte, INRS]]\\ ​
-[[benjamin.keenan@mail.mcgill.ca|Benjamin Keenan, McGill]]\\ 
 [[parizadeh.mona@courrier.uqam.ca|Mona Parizadeh, UQÀM]]\\ ​ [[parizadeh.mona@courrier.uqam.ca|Mona Parizadeh, UQÀM]]\\ ​
 [[a_ramac@live.concordia.ca|Arthi Ramachandran,​ Concordia]]\\  ​ [[a_ramac@live.concordia.ca|Arthi Ramachandran,​ Concordia]]\\  ​